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What's one more hobby?

Welcome to the blog

Hello lovely readers, my name is Emma. If you're not already familiar with me, do not worry. Whenever friends and collaborators tell me they've recommended my work to someone, the usual response they get is "who?", so you're not alone.

I'm an online video producer (I'm told 'content creator' isn't a useful descriptor these days). I research, record and edit videos on a variety of topics- from atheism and conspiracy theories through financial scams and influencers. I also stream and post video games, and by day I work a 9-6 in the VFX industry working in film and TV.

I would call myself a serial hobbyist. On top of the aforementioned fun, I try to squeeze in learning as much new stuff as I can: fiction writing; game development; harnessing the majestic sound of the otamatone...

The long and short of it is: I do and try lots of weird stuff that is difficult to categorise and I don't currently have a place to talk about. So: blog. After all, what's one more hobby?

Look at this cool stock photo of a notebook. How nice.

This is going to be the place, then, for all my random dribble. Further thoughts left out of videos, research from videos that never made it to production, my progress with the otamatone, and who knows what else.

If that eclectic mix sounds like your cup of tea, I'd be very happy to have you.

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