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A Conversation with Dr Bart Ehrman

Hello lovely readers. If you follow my main channel, you'll know that I had the opportunity to interview the one and only Dr. Bart D. Ehrman on the topic of his new course on Genesis.

I'll be honest, I was about as nervous as I was totally jazzed. If you're not familiar, Dr. Ehrman is a prolific bible scholar and professor of religious studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He's written or edited 33+ books on the subject, including 6 NYT best sellers. In the world of textural criticism, he's a bit of a legend. He's also, thankfully, a delight. I suspected as much from what's written about him online, but it's always nice to verify personally.

I have to express my gratitude to Derek from the Mythvision Podcast (which you should absolutely check out if you haven't already) for getting me involved and securing some of Bart's precious time.

As Aron Ra (who was also one of the atheist commentary gang interviewing Dr Ehrman) playfully remarked, it usually takes years to get this kind of interview. I was likely the newest sceptic channel involved, and I am endlessly surprised at my luck. I've been truly fortuitous in the content creators I've gotten to meet, like Derek and Scimandan, who are happy to support and uplift a much smaller creator like me.

I accidentally dressed very similarly to Bart, which might have eased the nerves slightly. He was very warm and friendly, and open to answer any questions on the subject of Genesis- which certainly helped put me at ease. It's quite surreal to have an author you've read suddenly in front of you and working with you on a professional level. I might still be a little shook.

I think what came out of it was terrific on two fronts: firstly that I got to ask questions of and share such a scholar with my audience. I'm not naïve to the credibility that a man like Dr. Ehrman adds to my little YouTube channel either. The second is that I got to share his upcoming course with some new people.

I'm already registered, but I'm holding on for the full release on the 25th to get properly into it. It's great to know that should I want to discuss it (likely), there are other people who will have watched the same lectures to engage with.

If you haven't seen it, the interview is available here

You can sign up for the course, In the Beginning- History, Myth and Legend in Genesis, using my shiny affiliate link here

And for more lovely Bart, check out his (much better) blog here

I'm so excited to do more interviews and collaborations like this in the future! May the good fortune continue.

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Jul 18, 2022

Ive just discovered your YouTube video's, really good, They are funny, intelligent, witty and informative. Keep up the good work, James Eastwood :-)


Kurt Singer
Kurt Singer
Apr 11, 2022

I watched the YouTube.... as ephemeral as it is, today. And then started watching more. Not to get Hovind on you but, you're cute as a button.. Anywho, I'll be following you (not like that), Ave Satanas.... I'm off to eat some babies. And totally not to hijack, I've read Bart Ehrman. My focus is world religion, but of course I love a good textual analysis, and exegesis, and... I get strangely erotic about theology.

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